No Waste Nachos

     I call these no waste nachos because I make these individually on large round tortilla chips
The chips work great whether you microwave them or oven bake them. First, build your nachos.

     Spread nacho or tortilla chips on a plate or baking sheet. Spread some refried beans on each one, followed by a little salsa, diced stemmed and seeded jalapeno peppers, shredded pepper jack cheese, Mexican crumbly cheese.  Heat in microwave or oven just a few minutes till cheese starts to bubble.

     Remove from oven and top with either a thin slice of avocado or guacamole, some shredded lettuce, and sour cream if desired.

     It takes a bit more time to assemble these but this way every chip has everything on it. The regular way of making nachos gives you many plain chips and too much on other chips.

    Another no waste way of serving nachos is to layer the toppings as a layered dip and place the chips either around the dip or to the side. You can heat the chips on a separate plate or sheet and then transfer them.

     Some of your toppings can include the above ingredients plus chorizo or ground meat, spanish rice, onions, or carmelized onions, olives and a variety of cheeses. The sky's the limit. photo credit: code_martial via photopin cc


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